Purify the Air

With Natural Himalayan Saltwalls

The Saltwall

Our hand carved, custom built, 100% Pink Himalayan Salt bricks make for a perfect and beautiful addition for your home, office or studio space. The tranquil beauty salt walls add to the room is only the beginning of its many benefits. The salt bricks, just like salt lamps, will emit negative ions when heated resulting in a purified, clean and holistic atmosphere. As the salt helps to neutralize our environment, stress levels are reduced and energy increases. The new earthy tone in the room now allows for an immediate mood boost and adds aesthetic value to your space!

Purify the Air

Simple Design

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Asthma & Allergies

Inhaling salt aerosol is clinically proven to reduce inflammation and help open airways, resulting in breathing relief.


The beautiful tranquility of the salt wall or panel adds a sense of ease, brings mother nature in doors and creates a peaceful environment to relax and let go.

Problematic Skin

Minerals found in Pink Himalayan Salt enhances your skin by helping the body replenish moisture and gradually decreasing the harmful toxins we naturally carry on us.

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